I am Shrey Goyal, and this is my home on the internet.

Based in Delhi, I founded the Sustainable Growth Initiative to advance climate change action and equitable development by engaging with policy-makers, organisations, and communities worldwide. I also write op-eds and articles or two for newspapers and magazines, usually on sustainability and public policy issues. Passionate about entrepreneurship, international relations, and sustainable development and policy, I like quizzing, watching movies, reading, and travelling.

Besides the blog and columns, I am also vocal on twitter, and then there’s LinkedInFacebookGoogle Plus, and Quora. You can also follow my updates by email. The best way to contact me would be through the form below, including for requests for permission regarding reproduction of articles or other content. If you’d like to contact me regarding an event, or simply to share some coffee, tea, or any other similarly convenient intoxicant, the form would once again be the best medium to reach me.

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