Being Liberal

Walter Cronkite

“I think being a liberal, in the true sense, is being nondoctrinaire, nondogmatic, non-committed to a cause – but examining each case on its merits. Being left of center is another thing; it’s a political position. I think most newspapermen by definition have to be liberal; if they’re not liberal, by my definition of it, then they can hardly be good newspapermen. If they’re preordained dogmatists for a cause, then they can’t be very good journalists; that is, if they carry it into their journalism.”

— Walter Cronkite

On Writing

I was recently informed by a professor that if I write regularly and enjoy it, that makes me a writer. She then asked me to write a note on my experience as a writer. Here goes: My name is Shrey, and I am a writer. I serve as the editor for a magazine, a consulting […]

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