The first ever Microfinance Chat!

The first ever #MicrofinanceChat took place a couple of weeks ago, to discuss ‘How small changes make a huge impact’ and kick off April as the month of microfinance. The purpose of this online discourse was to bring out facts and insights about microfinance to the global community that supports the cause, and inspire skeptics to join this incredible journey.

MicrofinanceChat Poster

It was organised by KickLoans, a Toronto based non-profit that provides business training and financial solutions to the working poor. The chat had three invited guests:

  • BRAC, the largest non-governmental development organization in the world;
  • Andy Kristian Agaba, founder of Hiinga, a non-profit social enterprise focussed on eliminating extreme hunger and poverty in the lives of smallholder farmers; and
  • me, your friendly neighbourhood global development geek

The chat was fun, and we were joined by several large and small ecosystem players (such as ACCION, a pioneering microfinance organisation), and others who were interested in knowing more about the space. It was an intense and insightful discussion, that you can see as storified by Kickloans below:

I am grateful to all participants and the organizers for inviting me, and look forward to participating in the next chat (Topic: Women and Microfinance. Why is it the perfect match?), which begins in a few minutes as this post goes live. Join us, won’t you?