The Girl Effect


This video by the Nike Foundation and NoVo is about the cycle of poverty in rural regions, and the impact one person can create by breaking it. Behind every successful economy, is a prosperous Girl. Just felt like sharing it.


  1. nice post shrey!!
    sad that we live in world where female infanticide and dowry is still there…
    i suggest you look at this too..
    it puts more numbers into the facts stated above.
    suggest you link this one too
    but aren’t we all becoming arm -chair social reformers and environmentalists??
    dont know about you, but i see that a lot today!!
    we have to be careful about that.

  2. nice video..but i think its hard to implement this idea in reality…in reality the problems are more complex and they need a proper and dense solutions….

    best of luck for summer..i wish you fulfill all your ideas for this summer…

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