The Good Son

An anecdote from one of my field visits to the rural Marathawada region for First Energy (Formerly BP Oorja).

Chit-chatting with a Villager in Bavi (A remote hamlet in Osmanabad district, Maharashtra) in Marathi and Hindi:

She: My elder son was always the smartest in the house, and is now a priest at the local temple. He earns well, spends time with the family, is respected in the community, and our improved reputation brings more customers too. (Note: She sells D.Light solar lamps, Oorja stoves, Godrej Chhotukool Refrigerators, PureIt etc. in Bavi and neighbouring villages.) He’ll surely become the head priest some day.

Me: What about your younger son? They tell me he was the local class 10th (high school) topper.

She: Yes, and he’ll finish school soon. He’s not that smart or clever though, and not really good enough to work on the business either.

Me: Oh!

She: Yeah. We don’t expect much. He’ll probably become a software engineer and settle down in Pune or Bangalore.

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